Aeronautics industry

Industrie Aéronautique

Egis has been firmly rooted in the aeronautics industry for more than 15 years now, and helps its clients address the challenges that the sector is currently up against: decarbonisation targets, the need to invest massively in research and development in order to be at the cutting-edge of innovation and the need to recruit qualified labour to remain competitive internationally...

Constructors are currently having to decarbonise their production sites, the energy costs of which are high: Egis is actively involved alongside its clients in optimising their consumption and helping them to meet their environmental obligations.

More than 50 years in the aviation sector.

In this fast-changing sector that is having to tackle both the need to decarbonise and aircraft construction expanding beyond the traditional hubs of Europe and the US, aeronautical construction companies need increasingly efficient buildings and infrastructure. Egis has been a key company operating in this industry for 50 years, and the result is that we have the skills, expertise and strategic vision to address all of your current and future challenges. Our expertise – from the blank page through to commissioning – equips us to support you at and every stage, and we have a wide selection of complementary skills.