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We have a skilled air quality consulting team that can deliver cost-effective air quality solutions for a variety of clients. Our air quality consultants have proven expertise in both small and large scale atmospheric assessment and management; our specialists regularly guide clients through regulatory compliance, dispersion modelling, ambient air quality monitoring and auditing, provincial network administration, and other types of airshed work.

Past and present clients range from relatively simple ready-mix concrete operations, quarries, welding plants, small commercial establishments, and manufacturing facilities, to larger and more complex construction or nuclear sites, including one of Canada’s largest former mine clean-ups.

Egis's air quality services team is comprised of monitoring and modelling scientists, chemical engineers, and several experienced air quality technicians. Egis employs a diversified group of personnel qualified under Ontario Regulation 419/05, per the Environmental Protection Act. Our team is highly integrated within our environmental engineering and geoscience teams, and regularly work with noise specialists. This approach ensures fast, cost-effective solutions to a variety of needs. Egis’s integrated approach to outdoor air quality science offers clients an efficient path to success, through the ability to take advantage of a complete service package.

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