Roads, Highways and Transit

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As Roads And Highways Engineer Consultants, we understand the unique challenges transportation agencies face in meeting the social, economic, and environmental requirements of their communities.

Whether it’s a urban, rural, or municipal road and highway project, our decades of experience, combined with our technical expertise, allows us to provide our clients with solutions that help connect communities.

Anne Street Underpass South Elevation
Highway 400
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15 800X500 (2)
Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) & Highway 403Infrastructure & Transportation
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First Avenue 1 Project
Reconstruction of first Avenue in the GlebeInfrastructure & Transportation
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Hwy 43 06 Twinning Sturgeon Lake Indian Reserve 800 (1)
Highway 43:06 Twinning Sturgeon LakeInfrastructure & Transportation
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LRT 3 Project Image
Highway 417 WideningInfrastructure & Transportation
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Roads, Highways & Transit plays a vital role in economic development of a country. They connect people and places, making it possible for individuals to commute to work, travel, and transport goods to markets. When the goal is to make real improvements that will have a lasting long term impact, you need a company with experience and a proven track record. Toll free 1-888-348-8991.