Temporary Structures

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Temporary Structural Engineering is a field that has specific requirements and needs design drawings and schedules that meet those requirements to the letter. This is a niche service you can’t find from most Structural Engineers – but you’ll find it at Egis.

Offering Unparalleled Experience in a Niche Market

Whether you just won a bid for a new condo building, or you are restoring a historical building, Egis’s Temporary Structures Design team can accommodate your every need. Our team has designed scaffolding and platforms for a wide range of new builds and restoration projects, including Parliament Hill’s restoration and the Burlington Skyway Bridge project. We are shoring engineer experts in construction requiring shoring and design systems, and our building science team works closely with contractors to meet your project requirements.

Our services include:
  • Suspended platforms and swing stages
  • Scaffolding design & review
  • Shoring, reshoring, and formwork design
  • Crane foundation design
  • Hoist design
  • Structural steel & welding inspections
  • Precast inspections


Ask for a free quote today – call toll free 1-888-348-8991.

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Dedicated to your Success

Not every firm has a dedicated Temporary Structures team. But since the 1980s, we have developed our knowledge and skills to offer the absolute best in temporary structures. Our team delivers work efficiently and cost-effectively, making us a natural choice for your next project. Ask for a free quote today – call toll free 1-888-348-8991.