Risk and Logistics Manager

What is your view of the activity of Egis in Qatar?

My vision of Egis in Qatar is to be the top solution provider to the State of Qatar in Infrastructure Engineering and Construction Project Management ; offering multiple solutions using the multidisciplinary and complementary expertise of our teams and promoting the economic, social, human and environmental development of the country in the coming decades.

Egis is in Qatar for the “long haul” and our employees residing in Qatar must actively and positively contribute to Qatari society. I see Egis as a company determined to make a positive difference, to give not just take but positively contributing. We are privileged witnesses to the infrastructure development, modernization and economic growth of Qatar and we are being given an invaluable opportunity to be a positive part of this incredible transformation while honoring Qatar’s rich culture and unique traditions.

According to you, what are the challenges of an expatriation in Qatar?

The challenges that I see for an Expat making a long term commitment to working in Qatar is not Egis running out of work, a continued growth in the region and new projects coming on line within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) bringing new and different challenges including but not limited to our business values, community integration and the well-being of Egis employees.

As Egis coworkers, we must demonstrate professionalism, trust and responsibility in our daily work. In return Egis gives us respect, transparency, fulfillment. We, as employees, will gain only if we contribute. By working as a team we will produce quality, creative, sustainable results.

From my own experience in Qatar, I have witnessed in the last two years a technical engineering excellence, a wide range of competence, strong interface managerial skills and a rapid adaptation capacity.

Does Egis allow you to concretize your ambitions?

At Egis, we are very fortunate that the company is actively pursuing new business in the GCC, which gives employees lots of opportunities to be involved in different projects across the GCC. I believe Egis offers its employees a real opportunity for personal growth and development; giving a meaning to their work.  Moreover, Egis allows them to participate to large iconic projects, that will give a real momentum to an international career.