Public Works Engineer

Pauline, 24 years old, has all the qualities of an adventurer! At the start of 2015 this young Public Works engineer, passionate about travel and getting away, left comfortable Paris offices for the Congo’s wooded savannah. “When it was proposed that I go there, I recognized an opportunity to rethink everything I’d known until now…”

With an outgoing character, Pauline didn’t hesitate to take up the African expatriate experience, where the setting is, in her words “as incredible as it is exotic”. Her key motivation?  A strong interest in foreign cultures and a genuine desire to discover the world. “Here I’m in contact with many different nationalities. It’s the opportunity to try other languages and to meet great people every day.”

It’s as a logistics, OEH&S and quality engineer that Pauline works on the Route Nationale 1 site, the largest in the Congo Republic. “The objective of the RN1 is to link Brazzaville, the administrative capital, to Pointe-Noire, the most important port and economic capital of the country, in only 1 day of road travel.” By offering easy access to the Atlantic and its blossoming commerce the RN1 represents a major economic stake for the country.”

On the ground Pauline assists the deputy Head of Mission on section N°3 of the RN1, for which hand over is expected mid-2016. In this role she is responsible for quality and logistics monitoring as part of the Control Mission. When Lot Managers are on vacation she replaces them on their respective sections, she also monitors the on-site trio Hygiene, Security, Environment. “It’s a unique experience for me as not only do I have the possibility to be in the field but to follow the construction of a project stage by stage, from design to delivery. It’s a tremendous opportunity, one from which I’m gaining professionally and personally.”