Airport and Road Operation

For more than 20 years, Egis has developed an activity of infrastructure operator. Egis manages and transforms road infrastructure for public and private owners and investors. By partnering through every stage of the project, Egis strives to create enduring social and economic benefits today and tomorrow.

Road operation and maintenance: Egis operates and maintains 44 roads or motorways in 20 different countries, i.e. a network of nearly 4400km used daily by 3.5 million vehicles, while committing on price and performance through long term contracts. The group has a strong experience in tunnel operation with a total of 81 km of tunnels operated and 70km under contract.

Airport operation and maintenance: Egis operates, maintains and develops a network of 17 airport platforms worldwide, totaling more than 30 million passengers and 330,000 tonnes of freight per year within long term win-win partnerships, with an efficient management while improving the airport performance and development, and quality of service.

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