For over 40 years Egis has been a leader in roads in France and in the rest of the world. The road sector has always been the Group's biggest area of business, in terms of volume.

Egis provides the full range of skills for every aspect of roads, from project development through to network operation. The Group's size gives it the strength to take on large-scale and ever increasingly time-critical projects. The high levels of expertise at Egis gives the Group the capacity to create exceptional engineering solutions, such as the new coast road being designed for the Réunion islands.

Egis is at the cutting edge of the road sector. The Group develops unique tools to help attain the objectives of today’s infrastructure projects, which now have to be: safer, more readable and more environmentally friendly, notably in Europe where upgrading of an ageing network represents a considerable challenge.

In the some 100 countries, in which Egis is located, modernisation of existing networks or creation of new infrastructure are essential stages of development for many regions. For all projects entrusted to us the Group will mobilise its capacity for constant innovation to reduce the ecological footprint of roadways, to support integration into the landscape, to address societal issues, to develop inter-modality and to improve road safety and service to users, without overlooking the overriding issue of worksite safety.

Numerical modelling of infrastructure projects

To optimise project development and quality, in design and works phase, Egis is pioneering the use of concurrent engineering for infrastructure projects. It is an active participant in research projects for development of BIM for infrastructure both at the global level (with OpenINFRA) and in France (with MINnD). These two projects are driving development of inter-operability of data necessary for multiplication of numerical exchange platforms.

Development of ITS

Recent decades have seen rapid development of information and communication technologies and of their application to transport in the form of ITS, opening up new perspectives for mobility. Egis is keeping abreast of these developments and is a participant in different working bodies that bring together players in construction and transport to define areas of research for the European Union's 8th Framework Programme, intended to maximise innovation and research within the EU.

Safety, a constant priority

Improving road safety has always been one of the Group's main priorities. As part of PIARC (World Road Association) technical committee of road safety experts, Egis recently helped to develop good practice guidelines for safer road design. The guidelines take human factors into account as part of their recommendations. Useful for better understanding of difficult areas of design the guide is aimed at inter-urban roads with the highest accident rates, but also at motorways and urban roads.


The Egis expertise encompasses road operation and maintenance. The Group is operating and maintaining 30 roads and motorways in 15 different countries, representing around 2,000 km across the globe.