Traditionally based in Europe, Egis has many local subsidiaries working together to offer the best services across the European continent.

Europe is where the group's business activities are the most widely represented, and new requirements and standards in terms of environmental protection are changing the engineering components of increasingly complex projects.

With local subsidiaries in Ireland, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Russia, the Ukraine, Bulgaria and Israel, Egis participates in infrastructure and building projects throughout Europe.

Egis operates and maintains 22 roads or motorways in 11 different countries, i.e. a network of 1815 km , while committing on price and performance through long term contracts. Egis is also recognised as a long-term developer and investor with several motorway projects. 
The group operates four airports in Europe: two airports in Cyprus (Paphos and Larnaca) and two airports in Belgium (Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp).

Working closely with its partners, Egis develops, integrates and operates innovative solutions to help public authorities in managing mobility at local and national levels. Tolling and enforcement are part of our core areas of activity.

Egis provides also road users with a range of services to facilitate their journeys (light or heavy vehicles). Among other things, our solutions are designed to help drivers in paying and accessing infrastructure along their urban, interurban and international travels.

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