Traditionally based in Europe, Egis has many local subsidiaries working together to offer the best services across the European continent.

Europe is where the group's business activities are the most widely represented, and new requirements and standards in terms of environmental protection are changing the engineering components of increasingly complex projects.

With local subsidiaries in Spain, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Russia, the Ukraine and Bulgaria, Egis participates in infrastructure and building projects throughout Europe.

In the area of concessions, Egis is working on several motorway projects, with  a total of 1340 km,  in a dozen countries: Austria, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Egis has been awarded the contract for the operation and maintenance of the Eurasia Tunnel and the Gebze-Izmir motorway in Turkey. The group operates two airports in Cyprus: Paphos and Larnaca.

As a designer, integrator and operator, the group develops new services for road users, particularly in the field of electronic toll collection. In 2011, Egis acquired the company Transpass B.V., a Dutch company specialising in electronic toll collection in Europe, which has 15 sales offices in 16 European countries. 

In Europe, Egis occupies a leading role in the development and safety of air traffic: active within Eurocontrol, the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, it has also recently acquired Helios, a British company specialising in air consulting which contributes, in particular, to the implementation of the Single European Sky.


Matthieu Loussier

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