The second largest country for Egis in terms of headcount, with more than 1,900 employees, India is one of our three domestic poles.


Egis is one of the top three providers of comprehensive solutions for infrastructure engineering and project management in the country. Building on its expertise and its in-depth knowledge of the local market, our Group is today acknowledged as one of the leading international firms active in India in roads (40% of our business) and urban transport and rail transport (30%), but also in water and buildings.

Through its ambitious programme “Make in India”, the Indian Government intends to encourage the development of transport infrastructure (ports, aviation and roads) all over the country, paving the way for massive investment and substantial requirements for engineering services.

Another market offering considerable growth prospects is that of smart cities. More than 100 of them have been planned by the Government, which has also introduced several initiatives to develop tourism and promote Indian heritage.

These are all significant growth opportunities for our Group in this country, but others also exist in the neighbouring countries of Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan, which are also part of this geographical division.


Sandeep Gulati

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