A new contract in Romania for the modernization of the Predeal-Brașov Rail line


Egis, in consortium with Italrom Ingénierie, wins the feasibility studies for the modernization of a Romanian railway line. The objective is to provide the customer, CFR-SA, with the optimal solution for the execution of the railway modernization works of the Predeal-Brașov section. A modernization that will take place from a technical, operational, economic and financial point of view, as well as on its environmental impact.

Egis teams will be in charge of analyzing previous studies, the current state of the existing railway and traffic. This first step will allow the definition of the various preliminary analysis options then the selection of the one to be implemented.

Finally, the consortium will prepare the necessary documentation to obtain approvals and agreements as well as the documentation of public contracts for design-construction and supervision of works. The deadline for the development of these studies is 23 months.

This new contract is a continuation of the railway development and modernization projects recently won by Egis in Eastern Europe