Our innovation policy

Our innovation ecosystem combines the initiatives of our entities that are closely following the market and the development strategy of the Egis group, whose guiding principle is to tackle the challenges of our society.

It is our aim to encourage all our employees to actively participate in this big adventure: innovation. We believe in the virtues of free and constant exchange, be it informally during coffee break or more structured in the corporate social network, or in our internal lab “ID2M – Idea to market”.

All these initiatives together form what we call "La Ruche" (the Beehive). Driven by Innov’net, our corporate network dedicated to innovation with relays in every area of the Group’s activities, of ambassadors of the support functions. La Ruche relys on a taskforce, the New Bees Team, composed of junior employees who, like bees, forage from project to project in order to “pollinate” them, to challenge them and to inspire new ideas.

Of course, the Beehive is open towards the exterior world, in an open innovation approach, through the cooperation with start-ups, labs, the organization of co-innovation workshops with customers and monitoring the markets throughout the world.

An idea to submit? Don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail