Gender equality

Over the past several years, the Egis Group has conducted a policy promoting gender equality.

This stance takes the form of agreements that have been negotiated since 2012 setting out our commitments, in particular on equal pay and career advancement. A range of indicators is monitored to measure their effect.

The French Government introduced a gender gap index in 2018 to measure companies' performances in this field, with marks awarded out of 100 points.

For the year 2018, the Group’s perimeters covered by this indicator, i.e. where the workforce exceeds 250, obtained the following results:

  • Major structures, water, energy and environment: 85 points
  • Egis Rail: 88 points
  • Egis SA: 96 points
  • and finally, Buildings and Cities, Roads and Mobility – International regions: 73 points

These results reinforce our determination to continue to develop gender equality initiatives in areas such as pay, recruitment, career promotion, work-life balance and working from home.