Public buildings

L Brequigny

We are a multi-award-winning construction engineering firm with decades of experience in the public building sector. From high schools to libraries, museums to hospitals, we design attractive, functional and sustainable buildings that allow public authorities to offer citizens exceptional services.

Designing public buildings with pride.

Public sector buildings are integral to the character of towns, cities and even countries. We take great pride in delivering iconic projects that will be visited by thousands of citizens and tourists every year. Whether it’s the eco-friendly refurbishment of a French high school or constructing a new theatre in Morocco, we combine quality and aesthetics to deliver buildings your community can be proud of.  

Our experience of large public projects means that we have a deep understanding of regulatory and procurement practices in multiple jurisdictions worldwide.

Our key areas of expertise:
  • Architectural design and engineering 
  • Facade engineering and consulting services 
  • New buildings and renovation/upgrades 
  • Design and engineering for MEP, structure, fire safety, acoustics and more 
  • Project management for large, complex buildings 
  • Construction management, including contract services 
  • Sustainability and environmental services, including benchmarking, material selections and post-occupancy planning 
  • General building consultancy at different stages of your project (environment, financing, strategic planning) 
  • Maintenance and facilities management services 
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We create and renovate attractive, sustainable and innovative buildings that enhance the fabric of cities and public spaces.